Why word startup scares capital off?

Start up is like a four letter word to venture financers when the concept should be what people seeking investment should be viable. Business is not like a game full of wimps it takes GUTS not to want to sit around in poverty till people actually realize your death decaying! Guts is a terrific fourContinue reading “Why word startup scares capital off?”

Lyndon B. Johnson

American president started War on Poverty.Sad Americans us poor are still loosing! We entrepreneurs who loath poverty and want a better life willing to work as hard on our success as we do as entrepreneurs below poverty. One question wheres the American willing to assist us financial our dreams? Some legacy Johnson American’s like meContinue reading “Lyndon B. Johnson”

Why is it so Garsh darn hard to find financing for a social Entrepreneur?

Why after you were in business for 6 years there is never a spot for well no here was very little money made the people I worked for were struggling? Why is is people assume something is not employment unless money was coming in? Why is it seem I tell people I work everyday aboutContinue reading “Why is it so Garsh darn hard to find financing for a social Entrepreneur?”

Watch “Welfare, is not help it is another link in the government quicksand. Poverty is not Welfare” on YouTube

How do business venture capital people see others with ideas to work toward our goals. I loath poverty.

Yesterday I rode Earl

What’s Earl? Earl is public transportation.Its not private or cheap. $18 round trip the drivers make no change or do they take bank cards. The ride was nosy not comfortable.I will drive only two at a time no one rides behind the driver. If the passenger rides both ways and their trip is 10 milesContinue reading “Yesterday I rode Earl”

Watch “Entrepreneur seeking assistance to start a Rural Ride Share” on YouTube

Walk with a cane, have no vehical loose all your independence.

My dad

Was proud of telling mom he would always have money for beer and he always did. Dad never was taught that when married he was no longer one. That money, love and family was more important then the joy of what made him smile. Your childrens friendship was more important then someone that works forContinue reading “My dad”

I asked a French friend about Notre Dame

My friend Annie simply said don’t worry the wealthy have money for that! Just now on NPR Brief moment with a historian. That’s not the correct name but in essense it was the same feel as Annie’s words. Annie is not wealthy she is like her Iowan friend (me). We spoke how in America weContinue reading “I asked a French friend about Notre Dame”