Loved Likes dear friends Clothes set a syage Define us When this wolf was young Clothes of choice black boots White Tee shirt That was my attire nearly always at home At 2-3 Childhood stopped Why is it people place limits on children? The moon should and beyond are possible Imagination is like a seedContinue reading “Clothes”

End of Chapter 17, A cast off coven by Juliet Blackwell

Chapter 9,A dog year by Jon Katz


Placed in spam Annoying emails Inquiring about penis size I’m an Out lesbian I don’t Care Sending notice about girls Stepping out on their boyfriend Having his approval Again Not interested! Telling me vie phone or email You canceled! Don’t need you telling me,I did it! I was there! I don’t care! Don’t scam me!Continue reading “Obvious”

Chapter 9,Yada,Yada prayer group gets decled out by Neta Jackson

Simply Devine!

I now have vitamins Thought a friend cleaning out her cupboard as she does Necer before such a devine gift Usually to big clothes she no longer wanted Slip of a tongue Sinks ships Gets president whats his name 45 in dog house Funny just like rural America Bucks in field Bunks in pants ThomasContinue reading “Simply Devine!”

Name the father gave his son to give strength

Rittny Vietmiese heres a word Seems like a m needs to be in it I’m Val Whitewolf Heike Father gave his son a name Rittny Full of strength Dad knew life is hard A name A shield Protects us adds to our courage Mine was soiled by half sisters lies Elder abuse attached to myContinue reading “Name the father gave his son to give strength”

End of Katie up and down the hall by Glenn Plaskin