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A smudge

A smidge, A smear, A wad, Blah,blah,blah, In the cupboard under the sink, Last week I did see, I recall my Sherry saying I put stuff away, In over a year I was not once curious, But now I have nothing to cover my ankles with, I recalled paper towels and wondered where they mightContinue reading “A smudge”


Jack Frost

Nana use to tell us girls, Each and every chilly eve, The legend of ole Jackie Frost, That wasn’t the story of hers I loved the best, It was the story of Peter and the Dyke, Peter lived in Holland, For you see Peter was Dutch, Peter was about seven years old, My pure NorwegianContinue reading “Jack Frost”

The legend of five

Movie on tubi About five youths, A few of JK Rowlings original distorter reside in the folds of his media piece, Like Harry Potter’s mirror, And when they sank also from the first Potter, The message was good, Good and true, There was a miss understood giant, Some called monster, Five not friends youths becomeContinue reading “The legend of five”