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Greatness thrust

People are not born great, Its not a sign of our times, People achieve it, Or it falls upon them, Lands in their lap, Today of Tubi, Sorry yesterday I saw the end, End if a movie that always touches me, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer and Christopher Reeves, Its a love story I cry whenContinue reading “Greatness thrust”


Will Smith, Fresh Prince of Belair, Great fun show, In the eighties, Are they not more imaginable write around? Why rehash last years done comedy, History repeats style,why TV, What’s wrong with originality! New TV show NBC , Rehashing Fresh Prince, Actors look like original plus twenty years, In todays world where TV shows afraidContinue reading “Belair”

Third Rock from the sun

Beats the heck out of Carol B, Hokey, Gut busting, Ha,ha, Tee hee, Cast was picked with prisition, Right people, Right time, Timeless humor, A real Classic, tubi its an app on Goggle tons of old TV and movies. That four letter word too {Free} check-it-out!