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Thirty-nine at seven twenty-two am

Wow, Wow! Wow, Startling, Like a yummy dark haired vixen, With thighs and shapely legs, Not like today’s young women who believe assets need more bounce, This is hot for northern Iowa this late in the year, Last December on the eighteenth it was in the forties today its scheduled to too that, The eighteenthContinue reading “Thirty-nine at seven twenty-two am”

Nine Twenty-nine am

Finally reached thirty-two again, November twenty-third, Day before sounds from the past meant memories made, Smells and aroma’s, The table set, Smell of turkey and ham in the oven, Potatoes simmering white and candied, Black olives,green and beet pickles in fancy dishes, Champaign bottles to be opened, Dad bossing because though he spent no timeContinue reading “Nine Twenty-nine am”


For years, Since I have know Judy, Since 2015, I’d get a turkey or ham, She’d cook it, We’d half it, End of the month she and her husband two checks instead of one had no money, If they got a free bird or ham it went in their fridge, They always reminded me ofContinue reading “Turkey”

An invitation

Today I received the second best gift this year, Not wrapped, No ribbon, No matter, No matter, I get to share a meal, With a family, Its been nine years since I had a place, At a table to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought when I brought Sherry with mom’s money to Iowa we would beContinue reading “An invitation”

Chapter 12b,Thunder dog by Michael Hingson and Susy Flory

Thanksgiving remember unity or memories shared

To all with love ones Make memeries sound and true Its nothing for a liar to toss acid distroying others hearts Wheres your relatives did they fall on hard times? Were you their to offer a hand. Is your help only for those not blood kin? Are you a eat all you never wondering whyContinue reading “Thanksgiving remember unity or memories shared”