Play a game watch commercials

Make a dollar, Two hundred dollars, Watch 200 videos, So far neighbor watched 15 hours, No PayPal yet, No money yet, Con or real work, I think its Crappy Con! People desparate, Prisons are full of hungry, Desparate, People in need, Covid didn’t make people corrupt, Covid made people desparate, No morgage for people inContinue reading “Play a game watch commercials”

If you know thats organized!

Was just asked why toothaste is in kittchen, Do I brush my teeth there? I have brushed my teeth in kitchen, In yard, In car, In rain, In bathroom, Then I was asked why Aim? Thats what food ban gave, I was asked theres soap there too. What does matter to me brand of toothpasteContinue reading “If you know thats organized!”

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