Chapter 14a,Katie up and down the halls by Glenn Plaskin


As a tag for a Youtube video if I mention Lesbian or Out or Pride it will not allow me to post, Why? It was 1999 that it was first acknowledged that the Gay community were not ill.All the asylem horrors had no effect on us Why? BECAYSE WE WERE NOT ILL! It took toContinue reading “Pride”

As a houseguest where are you on Willywonk’s scale are you a good or bad egg?

Good Someone who offers to help fix food, clean plates or take. When out for supper order NOT the most expensive meal and Please,Please not 2! Maybe be the person who puts down the tip! Always say thankyou. If going to stay with people, Never put them out! Never make them buy all the foodContinue reading “As a houseguest where are you on Willywonk’s scale are you a good or bad egg?”

Watch “Part 1 Tourette’s Syndrome” on YouTube

Thanks to a sainted writer my spelling of the term has been corrected.

Watch “One Voice,One Story,” on YouTube

Sometimes standing up to a family narcississ is done in You tube videos after years of harrassment then she torched our laundry room December 3rd 2014. Mkm 86 and I 56 sat in our den and watched TV.

Watch “My little sister,Waukon,Iowa , Ellen Beth Heike Mathis.” on YouTube

Narcississ socialpath and a compliant family members hate for the gay sister had to be thrown away like moms cat murdered to force our mom from her home and her family in Iowa.

historianval ,You tube title

That’s me Val Whitewolf Heike,Youtube channle Val Heike,twitter vlittlewolf me poet photograoher on Foap. Tags are as important as title of what you post. Do it incorrectly step on toes,Wham you will get an email Zap telling you on of several things. 1.Most of the world will not be allowed to view your video. 2.YourContinue reading “historianval ,You tube title”

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