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Dad loved Hamms and Old Style, Growing we Heike’s drank Rhinlander in morning and Linenkugel at night, Theory was Rhinnies cleaned us out, Then there was room for Linenkugel, Dark/ light, Perfect flavored beer Ridiculous! Why berry beer not exactly horrible, Just drank nearly all of Summer Shade, For me taste like sauerkraut and beer,Continue reading “Beer”


No such thing black blood,

My wife, My sunshine, Part Native American, Part Black, Looks white, Me German,Prussian,Norweign,Welsh, Jew, Just cause I look one way, I’m shouting, I’m me, Sherry’s her, Together we one, How cool is that, If we were a cookie we’d be sweet and Sassy! How cool!


A good Wisconsin beer Women with great legs Your moms cooking{ if she cooked like my mom} A good running vehical And Stay Calm Gonna blow Your mind! Are you ready? Are you old enough? A full Pantry! That’s right my goberment check Spent on shoes mine were tossed by an old women because myContinue reading “Decadent”

Heather Rose

I came, I came to pick her up Her phone told me come up Entered the house Heather creamy and white Creamy and white Nude she awaited me Never had such a gift Hand and mouth All morning Heather was home alone I came Arrival Before I left Heather came as well Young thirty fiveContinue reading “Heather Rose”

Chapter 3a,into the cold fire by Lynne Ewing

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Chapter 29,The Present by Johanna Lindsay

One of my favorite chapter{28,29 & 30} Val’s Whitewolf Wolf YouTube Channle

Chapter 30a,The Present by Johanna Lindsay

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle