Is once it? Love once then Emptiness Betrayal Treachery Zoom,zoom Loss of self Death Narcississ believe humans are their toys Greek gods Beneigh beings Zoom,zoom Lie,_liars,lay Death is innocence weapon Blank,dark eyes shed no tears Freedom comes only with Narcississist death Death eyes of followers clear The truth lies under Transparent lies Blinders held inContinue reading “Zoom,zoom”

Another Easter

Miles built on lies Judas Escarat more loyal brother to Christians Jesus My sister allowed lies to steal my blood family Its been five years my blood sister told me she knew I was innocent Ellen Beth Heike Mathis stood toe to toe with me I know you Never harmed anyone Didn’t matter to herContinue reading “Another Easter”

Chapter 5a,Writing on the wall by Elizabeth Mattox

Guidepost Christian book club mystery series

Chapter 1 & 2a,Writing on the wall by Elizabeth Maddox

Guidepost mystery Christian Mary’s bookstore book 2

Questions are and are not

Throughout life couriousty has burned Wondering this and that A professor once said theres not a stupid question just people to afraid to ask! Not sure still at sixty two nearly if true Fear stops people through out life Fearful to appologize Admit wrong doing Afraid to request better pay Guilt of not standing byContinue reading “Questions are and are not”

Chapter 4a,Mary’s bookshop,Rewitting history, by Vera Dodge,Christion book series

First on book series 2nd book read by me.


Forgiving is not forgetting