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January eleventh, Predicted to get to forty again, Global warming has the Midwest seasons arriving months in advance, When I was a kid they said the signs of change would not fall in my life time, What else are the scientist incorrect about?

Heat lightening before

Just another northern Iowa day, Starting at noon ‘Heat advisory!’ Check your old ‘People!’ In the seventies never Ever had this kind of heat until End of August,,120%20years%2C%20to%20the%201830s.

Crawl _< Step

As a math equivalancy Word is not up to the task, The line is under the less than sign, Thus the stateent above us read, Crawl is lesser or equal to step, We crawl as a learning step, My love wanted to study Wicca, The Green witch group she liked expected others to miss theContinue reading “Crawl _< Step”

Iowa winter cold

Stakes out a spot, Chilly, white, pristine, Nocember leaves fall, Air crisp and britle smells leaves, Dry,leaves smelt makes a fall memory, January few years back two dats in seventies, How odd!, How delightful! Global warming not freak of nature! February two eighteen, Winter cur like ice! Sixty below zero before feels like, Beforw windContinue reading “Iowa winter cold”

Ever notice cardboard?

Moving its everywhere I tried to utilize plastic boxes Silly I know but well made even plastic is stronger Cardboard boxes Containers for food Why not vegitable? We made grass into gas Not I Not I We are a sea in Plastic Kills our wildlife faster then removed protections Auto companies would shit bricks ifContinue reading “Ever notice cardboard?”

Chapter 3a,into the cold fire by Lynne Ewing

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

How, no more and Where’d you hear that?

How: Find employment in the city I want to work out of so I can get a vehical. I put in goggle Praire du Chien Wisconsin.I want to live in Allamakee County. Funny the poorest county in Iowa families there sure they don’t talk to me or they can not talk to mom.Why because myContinue reading “How, no more and Where’d you hear that?”

Dead Sea and Red Sea

The other night I saw a documentary the issue was to save the dead sea by a canel slowly putting parts per million into the Dead Sea by the red sea. It was notted that upon doing that might make the composition irrectably changed for ever. Many scientist fear this solution because the dead seeContinue reading “Dead Sea and Red Sea”