Scams smell

Think with second brain, Of late there was this person, Male/ female I never knew, Suppose US Military, That is usually scammer SOP, Standard Operating Policy, Figuring as Americans we are more carrying for those serving, Nice ploy they are also a lesbian, Well this ok let us say predisposed lesbian, Jibber Jabbers every nowContinue reading “Scams smell”

Broken trust!

Humans do it all the time, Trust never recovers, My half sister was first, Took her gay sister to hell, Tossed me and my good names away, For what purpose Hers, Destroying mom, In end murdering, Making what mother loved, What meant most to mom worthless, Mom was finally free, Dad was dead, Her firstContinue reading “Broken trust!”

Play a game watch commercials

Make a dollar, Two hundred dollars, Watch 200 videos, So far neighbor watched 15 hours, No PayPal yet, No money yet, Con or real work, I think its Crappy Con! People desparate, Prisons are full of hungry, Desparate, People in need, Covid didn’t make people corrupt, Covid made people desparate, No morgage for people inContinue reading “Play a game watch commercials”

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