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With limited other experience

Less people are able to survive retirement without going back to work. I hate disability.I know adding my Rural Rideshare service to my blogging, so why can I NOT FIND FUNDING??? WHY every since I was a kid othrs were jamming me into a square hole, babies Im a Out lesbian so frankling I haveContinue reading “With limited other experience”

At least a hundred

Type in work from home on job sites.Do they not understand I’m seeking jobs to make money WORKING AT HOME? Not Madison or Green Bay Wisconsin. When I sought jobs in Praire du Chien Wisconsin I was sent jobs telling me they were near Praire at least two hundred miles away! Are those people Stupid?Continue reading “At least a hundred”


No age limit Not like Disney Ride Sad that one that has transpotation got her nose out of joint today because I had ordered online First when I told a friend I had to go to Wallyworld Reply given me without vehical move closer to Pat Pats 74 Moving closer, still be vehical less HowContinue reading “Jealous”

Watch “Another reason “Val’s Rural Rideshare”” on YouTube


Jobs why are there literally No jobs? Look and look where are they hardr to find then proverbial needles in the haystack. I’d live and work ata resort love those. Sure Minnesota’s not Wisconsin but I could drive there. Russ Jobman head of personell now laat I hears GM at Mount Rusmore he loved olderContinue reading “Minnesota”

Don’t be an entrepreneur if!

Your only cheerleader is you because You have to deal with people who think you have options or more then they have. I have a friend I love but unless she has no money and she knows I do I think she’s dead. And another friend who thinks my no transportation means she should tellContinue reading “Don’t be an entrepreneur if!”

Watch “Why rural Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin need my Rural Rideshare” on YouTube

Found a 2000 Escalad Cadelac SUV looks good. Paul my friend in Canade just wrilote this to me:How I do since I’ve been back to Canada I haven’t driven in 15 16 years cuz I couldn’t afford my driver’s license hand can’t even afford to buy a car I just told him I haveContinue reading “Watch “Why rural Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin need my Rural Rideshare” on YouTube”

Yesterday I rode Earl

What’s Earl? Earl is public transportation.Its not private or cheap. $18 round trip the drivers make no change or do they take bank cards. The ride was nosy not comfortable.I will drive only two at a time no one rides behind the driver. If the passenger rides both ways and their trip is 10 milesContinue reading “Yesterday I rode Earl”