Dave and Neta Jackson

Of you had once taken the time to hear me share your beautiful stories you would have seen thats all I did.Teach. I’m non profit.I did ehat libraries and churches do daily. On nearly three years you are the only books to find fault with me sharing your works. I am not the only personContinue reading “Dave and Neta Jackson”

*Chapter 22-31,Yada,Yada prayer group gets tough by Neta Jackson

Book 4 Chapter 22a, https://youtu.be/gx2UVaq0NC4 Chapter 22b, https://youtu.be/EEnGP9M7Q0w Chapter 22c, https://youtu.be/ZHP2hZSErlw Chapter 23, https://youtu.be/VuafGMd_2kk Chapter 24a, https://youtu.be/64wMdISkmjA Chapter 24b, https://youtu.be/-zQGCbt5QY4 Chapter 25, https://youtu.be/rQ6pK-_XPnI Chapter 26, https://youtu.be/ioQsVVLcFTk Chapter 27, https://youtu.be/q4Y0sG2XcFc Chapter 28, https://youtu.be/NRNj1dPnzrE Chapter 29&30(a,b,c), (a) https://youtu.be/iNuHsu61LWA (b)https://youtu.be/L0xDqhmwNps (c) https://youtu.be/potplFZifGA

Neighbors beliefs and…

Believes every word and thought from a book written some thirty-five hundred years ago with a variety of authors y not in celebrating her religious leaders imagined birth. Doesn’t celebrate Halloween or christmas, Believes you never move forward alone, Thinking for herself is done only through God. Hates Christmas music, I like most Christmas music,Continue reading “Neighbors beliefs and…”

Chapter 1-22,Yada,Yada prayer group gets tough by Neta Jackson

Book 4, Prelude: https://youtu.be/p5hXQi5-YfY Chapter 1, https://youtu.be/latmKbcR2jA Chapter 2, https://youtu.be/bBzFNOg4VrU Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/AwE33ByIUr8 Chapter 4, https://youtu.be/dLDDQhzWmMI Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/arVjDpWfwfE Chapter 5b, https://youtu.be/K0MikTbZbN4 Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/2kCcgmlOykk Chapter 7, https://youtu.be/gMRwf4xCiN0 Chapter 8, https://youtu.be/FPtmJ73B1Xk Chapter 9, https://youtu.be/5fwWFdAQNcE Chapter 10, https://youtu.be/gadvSI7CCaA Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/aG3Aw-RCBPU Chapter 12, https://youtu.be/6ze4j5wKAAs Chapter 13, https://youtu.be/rjWTdw5IY4Y Chapter 14, https://youtu.be/1GXXUZ5Pe7Q Chapter 15, https://youtu.be/wsWwSvhsbHk Chapter 16, https://youtu.be/_GMt2kVe7n0Continue reading “Chapter 1-22,Yada,Yada prayer group gets tough by Neta Jackson”

No Merc-y!

Phone rings, Harry Potter rune my ring tune, Maybe you not got it after hearing me for three years And more I be a nerd, I would never take anyone’s last buck, I stand there talking, The Christan hears nothing, Eyes never leave last eight bucks! I told her four times this is all IContinue reading “No Merc-y!”


I adopt family, My own blood family disappointment, Claim christianity, It’s a lie, Stone throwers, Hate horders, My enemies, As youths my beautiful nephews wore, Tee shirts labled’Jesus Home Boys’, Next door to me lives a christian, Looks down on none friend of this Out, Iowa Lesbian,Poet, Last name.she choice, Roman not of Rome, BibleContinue reading “Roman”

Do you think its easy?

Do we assist others to make a fool of us? If we practice forgetting they will not let us do it, If we believe that in those friends are we opening the gate, Letting proverbial cows out, Are dogs escaping, Will people always let us down? Today I grabbed popcycles thought I’d give them toContinue reading “Do you think its easy?”

Again she trys

Back to the library, Borrowed money in hand, Stop at library, Judy brought me food, Best family beside mom I ever had, A girl named Judy Waits, Hallmark of Val, Denise is trying to make money, Supplies nearly out of, No help insight, Giving it one more day, Watching videos, I hope this isn’t crap!Continue reading “Again she trys”

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