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Watch “Chapter 22a,Goblet of fire by J.K.Rowling” on YouTube

One of my favorite parts of this book 4 is the ball getting ready for it then the ball.

Watch “Home business Val’s Whitewolf Media'” on YouTube

One goal for my Studio will be to employ not traditional females and others in my LGBTQ community. Older women find survival hard. Wish someone would hear my goals and plans.

Watch “End of Chapter 30(1),A Game of Thornes by George R.R. Martin” on YouTube

This Chaptet 30 is my fourth favorite chapter book 1 Game of Thornes.

Watch “Disabiled Social Entrepreneur vehicaless” on YouTube

I hate the Youtube reviews why in blazes……

Why in blazes as a content provider for you tube would I care to spend a day wste a day with kilie anyone! I try to post about 20 parts of the books Im reading, reading books is enjoyable, and as an author reading books is benifitual to make me better at my choosen field.Continue reading “I hate the Youtube reviews why in blazes……”