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Memory, We all have them, Triggers are in a way tells, When its cold, I recall my room at the folks house, No heat nor insulation tons of blankets, No bathroom, When young you went down the vertical steps, After being struck i n two o eight by a car, I crawled up the steps,Continue reading “Triggers”

My twins

Mane coons, I think that’s firms they in motion remind me of raccoons, They leap in a cute fuzzy way, Schnuggler followed the stray Penny and I saved in Oelwein in the pregnant way, A white calico we didn’t want her dying in front of her humans home because they would not try in theContinue reading “My twins”

Birds goodnight

Twighlight bids adui , Nine p.m. in the distance my ears distantly hear, Crows bid goodnight, Robins tucked in the hollow of the nape of their trees, The white doves of Quasqueton Iowa right wing tucked over their life partners shoulders, The sparrows chirp night love, The racoon’s prowl, The owl stands guard pouched inContinue reading “Birds goodnight”

Synops of Poppy by AVI

Synops (1)AVI,Poppy, Synops (2)AVI,Poppy, Synops (3) Synops (4) Synops (5) Synops (6) Synops(7) Synops(8) Synops (9) Synops (10) Synops (11) Synops (12) Synops(13)

End of Chspter 8,Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

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End of Chapter 3,Into the Cold fire by Lynne Ewing

Book 5,Daughters

Chapter 3a,into the cold fire by Lynne Ewing

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