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Not dollar tree

Is it too damn expensive for them to literately change their name to ‘Crap in a bottle that doesn’t work?’ You know ‘CIABTDW’ or just ‘El Crapo!’ I hate that they still have on building ‘1′ and nothing is, Except for a sucker which costs fifty cents every thing costs $1.25, I bought Drano drainedContinue reading “Not dollar tree”


Hat backwards

How old is this look? Yesterday coming out of Kwik Star, A guy maybe forty trying to pass for late twenties, How old can you pass for a younger self? I knew a lady in my home town, Marie Zimmerman of Waukon,Iowa, Young in heart, Lived with daughter the banker, On her eighties always withContinue reading “Hat backwards”

Morning writers of WordPress

Howdy, Need your opinion I’m reading a book by Victoria Laurie and chapter two is twenty-nine pages long. Sorry but to me just a beginner in fiction that seems really long. Can maybe someone weigh in and give me your opinion, I know I’m the queen of long ass thoughts for a poet but puttingContinue reading “Morning writers of WordPress”


Stay inquisitive, Couriosity’s the bees knees, Sometimes the answer will come, May take years May never come, Not all questions are audible, Some are not, Like people, Some answers are stupid, Always question, That’s what I know after sixty-four years, Just ask, Right or wrong people, Curiosity like imagination. Priceless?

Tired inquiring aunt Val’s (me) wants to know!

Hi,I have a question will sound dumb probably but I’m tired drove about 200 miles today. Is an inventor still an inventor of something if a different person in a different country invented it first? One more question what gives TikTok the right to place annoying songs on our videos? We can not post themContinue reading “Tired inquiring aunt Val’s (me) wants to know!”