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46.Greetings{Shingles,Cellulitics,and family Caregiving}

Caretakrs are Valuable they care for you in your home.

Impeachment hearings today lost me after

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Black satin Soft curve Black dress Slit on outside ride leg back Well turned leg Thigh A fighter Strong breast Low back Dips tantalizing exposing good view of buttox In Low cut front black dress clear material inch width from left shoulder strap Exposing hard Errect Surface By chair of third duece by window standsContinue reading “Hush”

Why do friends ….

Why their gay sons living in Vegas and Saint Paul is ok Those friends I mention I hate no community in small town Iowa I’m told make friends I live in low income At sixty one I’m youngest here Only Dyke Why do friends not see Lonliness sucks Love WordPress great community Not same asContinue reading “Why do friends ….”

Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

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Scary words

We need to talk! Wake at 4 am to go to work Entrepreneurs who write and Youtube sleep only when our bodies crash Turn on our phones Look at emails Check messages There it is A woman I’m nit dating Needs to talk She called at 230 am I was deep in la,la land ShesContinue reading “Scary words”