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That use to sum up everything and only a three letter word. Remember another good world its like in 39 Clues Jonah Wizard is always saying ‘Word’. Last 39 Clues a fellow named Erasmus called him sort of on the carpet and asked Jonah what me meant by ‘Word’. Word for Jonah is like myContinue reading “Boy”


Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube

Winter step 1 and 2 Does your Electric company add money to your bill every month? November and December 2018 Alliant Energy they added 62 dollars a month. Starting this month January 2019 they have jacked up that additional fee from 62 to 84 adding another 22 dollars. I use energy like my grandmother usedContinue reading “Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube”