Hot lesbian in metal tube

Sixth day in nineties, Not yet July, What the hell, Two fans working all the can, Three cats to lazy to move, No breeze by me, Ants every where, Hate them, Hate heat, Flies are the clever ones, Land creep people out, Well I’m up now, Fly away, Guess go find food, Milk was sour,Continue reading “Hot lesbian in metal tube”

Battery pack

Survivalist, Is that not what and who we really are, Like Buzzlight year to infinity and beyond, This battery pack $1500, Small fortune wish I had it, My mobile home would be ‘Solar,’ I would not be at the mercy of Alliant Energy Ever again, I get charge monthly use it or not oil $20,Continue reading “Battery pack”

Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July

Met a man from Canada, Said their weather was cooler, Cooler and wetter, My kind of weather cool and wetter, Pat Zidlicky says one more then cooler, Flees love this weather, Not me, My Nana loved this, I hope its earm in her heaven, Nana has my mom, And her eldest Clarian, Nana’s youngest sonContinue reading “Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July”


Soon corn will be grew, Labor Day gone, Leaves depart, July next month, Every change moves us forward, Five cats need fixing, Only change I look forward to in cold, Summer started without Spring, Will winter start before fall? If not all can go Solar what will a few change?


Heat, Heet, Irritable, Time of month, One is what is placed in car in winter, One makes an entire house hold edgy, See we are all walking on egg shells, I recal having craps and being ajuatated , Time that feeling by four, Cats same as humans, So annoying, Sadie makes me swear, Always underContinue reading “Heat”

Record ,

Heat May 2022,97, February 2021 70 degrees coldest month in northern Iowa, 2018,February 60 below zero and that Wasn’t the windchill, 2018 winter was normal for northern Iowa, In my sixty-four years Never had we had a tornado on December eighteenth,2021, Never had we Ever had warm weather in December, March 2021 first week seventy’sContinue reading “Record ,”


Come along way from Egypt, Some wealthy person, Cool while a poor.person sweats, Waving large palm limbs to keep a cool breeze blowing, I have three electric fans, A neighbor says turn on your. Central air, Why! Central air means cooled by gas, My central air is connected to the furnace, I’m only in oneContinue reading “Fans”

White Asian commercials geared to

Object marketing, Whites in equation, Equate to gullable saps, Easy Pissy,Lemon Squeezy, Take white man, Tall in suit, Speaking not English but American, Put two females who appear lesser white boss also shorter and Asian, This is the equation that prods whites to play gambling games, Take cute Russian who speaks American, And Asian femaleContinue reading “White Asian commercials geared to”

Colder today then yesterday

The fire that is life, Well I have closed all windows but one, Feels like snow in northern Iowa, Forty-nine and wet, Fishing weather of my youth, Now if gas were affordable driving down roads less traveled, I didn’t close the back room because the window is a bitch to open, Last night when theContinue reading “Colder today then yesterday”

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