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Roads are horrid in Waterloo

Horrid always in big cities, Its like rural Iowa towns lack understanding fir snow plows, Quasqueton,Iowa allows residence to drive on packed roads, I imagine Alaska’s tundra when we have snow, It was fluffy that fell out Pretty birds window, We watched as snow fell by starlight drifted our TV window in the darkness litContinue reading “Roads are horrid in Waterloo”

Forty today forty-seven tomorrow,

Like mother mature on drugs, Not normal, January and February coldest months in northern Iowa, Like going late to food bank, Like why bother, Hate being at food bank knowing I missed the good stuff, Warm weather early more old people will die! We need the cold, Its part of nature,

Forty-six degrees on Monday

January sixteenth will be warmest day in January in my sixty-four years, All you trumpeters who still think we care you have no idea who our president is? We really don’t care you think its trump because in the good old days traitors were shot! This is Global Warming!

Northern Iowa from

Forty-seven to freezing in breath, Or time seems relative, Fog at four p.m. yesterday afternoon to fence fog now, Ice covered roads, Sever road alert, National weather report, Issued for Oelwein,Iowa a mere thirty-eight miles away, Hugh to be later today thirty-eight eleven down from yesterday, This is Iowa, Winter Baby!

Warmest December Iowa day in my sixty four years

Temperature will rise to forty-seven today, Tons of snow is scheduled to fall, More will melt, Global warming is fooling mother nature, Causing flooding, Killing life, Eroding land,

Hey baby

Hey baby when its cold its cold, December twenty-twenty two Christmas was historic, Historic why because baby coldest on record baby, Pioneers my great in covered wagons thought it was cold their first winter here, There were stupid! There were wrong! My big toe from going to Penny’s and staying in her house I thinkContinue reading “Hey baby”


The weather men/people are prediction fifty-two on Thursday and Friday, As this is the coldest Christmas in my life in Iowa it will as so be the warmest, Crazy! Outrageous! This is Global Warming Folks, Every temperature higher earlier then normal, starts melting earlier rises sea level kills marine life, This is not fun,this deadly,