Forty-seven degrees now,

In two in thousand and two, Katrina was felt weather wise in Virginia, Wonder how home is, Oh Shenandoah my Virginia home, Page County, I was driving for Dominoes, Our weather was foul, Off kilter, So much rain, Roads were changed, I was driving a delivery out by Shenandoah a little town up toward theContinue reading “Forty-seven degrees now,”


Hottest September twentieth in sixty-four years in northern Iowa, Global Warming sucks, A new bill puts an end to it in twenty-thirty, In someone elses presidency, NICE! If all the farmers animals are still alive, If we are alive, That’s eight years, I’ll be seventy-two, My half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley will be deadContinue reading “Ninety-seven,”

Storm’s painting

Coasting across the northern Iowa sky, Dark closed with the whitest white nearest outer space, Crickets chirp, Rumble,rumble is heard, Seventh flock of geese honk their way by, I look upward and honk my good evening safe journey, I can call Cardinals, I suck talking to geese, I rock calling Loons, I hear nothing justContinue reading “Storm’s painting”

Mist upon the corn

Dew upon the grass, House windows are wet, Nearly all windows closed not winterized, Most Iowan main concern is to eat, So we huddle in one room, Its alot like bad weather, In winter we do it for warmth, During tornado season which we learn last December is every month, Global Warming is like aContinue reading “Mist upon the corn”

Sure hope

Long ass, Long ass summer twenty-two, Long ass summer is through, God aweful heat, Global Warming started officially in March last, Marched through like the Atrutians, Before Romans, Big and brutal, It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by, March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s areContinue reading “Sure hope”

For the billenth time

Eighty -five degrees, Hate heat! Have Central air, Broke long ago, Have only used it once, Once in two years on a refurbished trailer, So evidently that was another thing that they just put it up put a smile on said nothing about it and sold the trailer as a refurbish, The government said doContinue reading “For the billenth time”

Burr September eighth

Had left four fans on, Turned off one in back, Black remained on counter, Its sixty now, Walnuts are yellowing, Seventh large group of geese flew over yesterday afternoon, Low enough to hear, But then sound travels further, One goose was criticizing the pilot, Sherman I’m sure you took a wrong turn! The pilot aContinue reading “Burr September eighth”

Eight thirteen and dark

Fall is creeping nearer, Soon it will be dark at six, For those of us in northern Iowa winter is at least half our year, Not this year, Summer arrived in May, Thats not normal, Cause Global Warming, Effect less normal weather,

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