Hey Turkey

. . .Here turkey, …..There turkey, …..Peck a little here, . …Peck a little more, ……Two days ago, …….An Iowan field, ……..Buchan County winter scene, …….Thirty turkeys like small Iowan farms,, …….Scratching out a living, ……..Working hard, …….Scratching in Iowa dirt, . ……..Over farmed, ……….Eating chemicals, ………Then in season they , …………The unlucky ones, .Continue reading “Hey Turkey”

Rolling stone,

Use to gather no moss, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Stone gathered no moss, Use to bounce like Poooh’s Tiger, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Stone moss bounce, Now more splat then bounce, Splat, Splat, Rolling, Bounce, Splat, I see it, Others might be erroneous to it, Inside I’m still that sixteen year old kid, Scared, Amble, I’m stillContinue reading “Rolling stone,”


This years tommy toes, Dad called tomato’s Ever think I can’t wait for someones passing? Then when your alone things, Words you find are still wedged in your heart, My green tomatoes about 15 will be my next year seeds, Ancestors of the old country saved seeds way before, ‘SeedSavers!’ Mom started it, Dad tookContinue reading “Greenies,”


Employee young, Aging populace the world, Older then I rule America Older Americans Starve!

Spider web in nose

Walked down my hall, A zillion times in first year, No spider web in nose, Until! Until just now, Sure I was that the web had creator with it, I imagine a tickle as the critter strode around, Who could I call, Really truly just happen, Sounds funny as I hear myself chat, Writing along,Continue reading “Spider web in nose”

Otter Creek

Cemetary on hill, Ball field beneath, Thoughts churn, Field of dreams, Field full of once dreamers, The sky the limit, Balls and spirits, Iowa October first day,2021, Flags,short flying, Marking resting places , Honored dead, I think all loved honored dead, Broken marker rest by it’s base, Once love one dead all who cherish goneContinue reading “Otter Creek”

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