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Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July

Met a man from Canada, Said their weather was cooler, Cooler and wetter, My kind of weather cool and wetter, Pat Zidlicky says one more then cooler, Flees love this weather, Not me, My Nana loved this, I hope its earm in her heaven, Nana has my mom, And her eldest Clarian, Nana’s youngest sonContinue reading “Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July”


Record ,

Heat May 2022,97, February 2021 70 degrees coldest month in northern Iowa, 2018,February 60 below zero and that Wasn’t the windchill, 2018 winter was normal for northern Iowa, In my sixty-four years Never had we had a tornado on December eighteenth,2021, Never had we Ever had warm weather in December, March 2021 first week seventy’sContinue reading “Record ,”

Monday Monsoon

Night before ran started, Six am still sing, Flag cane and I went out on deck last night to retrieve, Cane hates ice or wet, Cans needed yo get to curb by six am, Rising at five thirty, Wind breaker on, In shoes with cane in hand went I, Kitties watching, Mr.Black like my dadContinue reading “Monday Monsoon”

Sound of pitter patter

Rain on tin, Grips my memory, Sensation of sleeping under the roof built by my grand dad, Memory of a WWI hero, Tainted by my half sister when she was eight because the attention was not on her, Sleeping beside my babysister, Never imagining I’d be sixty-four all alone, All alone, Only sounds of rainContinue reading “Sound of pitter patter”


Come along way from Egypt, Some wealthy person, Cool while a poor.person sweats, Waving large palm limbs to keep a cool breeze blowing, I have three electric fans, A neighbor says turn on your. Central air, Why! Central air means cooled by gas, My central air is connected to the furnace, I’m only in oneContinue reading “Fans”