Heat, Heet, Irritable, Time of month, One is what is placed in car in winter, One makes an entire house hold edgy, See we are all walking on egg shells, I recal having craps and being ajuatated , Time that feeling by four, Cats same as humans, So annoying, Sadie makes me swear, Always underContinue reading “Heat”

Home Depot

Way of the times, Like Goggle maps, Now Home Depot GPX, No need to employ more, Sales people a thing of the past, Now easy,pizzy, Enter store, GPX on, Find your wants, Pay your out the door, Sign of the times? Saving gas, The planet, Good or bad, Or too late!

Have you ever wondered where $$$$ goes when a game brags they paid out so much money in a day !

I have tapped the money app, Been told it will process in 3-7 days, Then nothing occurs, How is it goggle can allow those people , Frankly I can never fathom what they profit from us willingly going to the slaughter in the off chance the game is legit! I’d rather get poked on Facebook!

Solar WHAT!

According to the two representatives, You need to own your home, Have a good credit rating, Own land your home you Pay taxes on, And own your home to reap financial benefits of Solar, The program also from Alliant Energy wants to see your energy usage! They whoever the hell they are figure an individualContinue reading “Solar WHAT!”

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