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Silent,sleep, Peaceful moments, Warm summer nights lac stillness, Miss warmth, Penny’s house is cold not still, We both have kitties, They are stealth not quiet, Miss the seventy temperatures, To damn old for ten below,


Three electric blankets, Two for cat family one for human that loves them, February cold, Northern Iowan no furnace Blizzard, Yesterday old electric blanked failed, Electric space heaters old Victorian, Penny the human mom gives up only heat she has so her cats won’t freeze, My adopted sister is a hero..

Oh joy

Four days the christmas, December 21,2022, Two below zero, Four kitties and me trying not to freeze, Sure sucks I got to rise to go p, The furnace stops then starts, Refurbish mobile home means nothing to seller, No insulation,no storm windows on two windows no storm door on back an no other door toContinue reading “Oh joy”


Dang site better, Warmer then ten, Still my kitties were stirred up, Even momma kitty and babe, Afraid of front of my mobile home, Why? On night when so damn cold, Only my oldest babes sleep near, Emily,Sophie and Teddi, Sometimes Precious or Lady, Last night Chester,Sophie,Sadie,Emily and Precious and Snuggles, Penni came in aboutContinue reading “Twenty-eigth”

Tea time

Fell asleep hearing my read back, Water heated again, Checked my home, Made sure all my babies have food, Yelled at Sadie, Never start kitties drinking from your water bottle lid, Why they love it! Now my time, good rest all you wonderful imaginable fellows, You writer who I am honored by, Just knowing youContinue reading “Tea time”

Warm feet

Warmer when my feet are warm, A blanket count three, a banana, A cat on my lap, A hoody on my head, And a hot cup of tea, But of my feet are cold I shiver, I might yell, Warm, Then quiet, With cat, No drugs needed, In less then fifteen minutes I will fallContinue reading “Warm feet”


Church and state, Iowa and everywhere, No longer allowed, Use church halls for homeless to sleep out of the winter cold, Come inside, Frostbit every where, Now go to emergency wards, Say they are going to kill themselves, Just fir a bed for the night, Take beds few that they are for real crazies, BetterContinue reading “Churches”


August twenty-six, Four twenty-one a.m., Had just got up switched off fans, Blanket time, Feels like late September normally, Love smells of fall, Hate that its still officially summer, Things have been changing color right along, A tinge of orange here and there, Its becoming a thing, No spring all at once Summer, Are wellContinue reading “Sixty-one,”