Worst neighbor

Takers christian they will take and take, Takers are not friends, When you the Pagan stop giving, Daggers come out in shape of lies, Calling land lord, Like jam spreading it thick, Going for your neck, Trailer twenty-two on Quasqueton,Iowa is the neighbor user, I haven’t hated someone so much since my own half sisterContinue reading “Worst neighbor”


When I rise they follow, At family gatherings Nana watched the table like a hawk, If a bowl went empty Nana rose, No one followed, Wish I know how she control us, I could stop being followed to the fridge for frozen water, Really hate Miss Emily jumping on my lap in the bathroom, PottingContinue reading “Families”

Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July

Met a man from Canada, Said their weather was cooler, Cooler and wetter, My kind of weather cool and wetter, Pat Zidlicky says one more then cooler, Flees love this weather, Not me, My Nana loved this, I hope its earm in her heaven, Nana has my mom, And her eldest Clarian, Nana’s youngest sonContinue reading “Ninety-six Fourth day nineties not yet July”

Third day

Third hottest day northern Iowa, Before July, Weather people say ninety seven, We had so far, First tornado in December, Not just in my life, But in all of Iowa, It arrived on an unnormal winter warm day, December eighteenth,twenty-twenty-one, First ever in twenty-twenty -two, Poked it’s nasty bitchy self, Buchanan County,March, Another unnaturally warmContinue reading “Third day”


Two LED rechargable lights, One cord replacement, The cord right price, To small, Wrong size, Friend said return, Poppycock! Took it to my camera box, Chucked it in, Never misses things come in handy, Last year when I was being considerate to christian neighbor I gave her one of the three LED lights, Spelling ofContinue reading “Process”

Take you cell with you

Sounds medieval, A cell was a room usually with bars, No one wanted to be in one, No sane minded human would care to take it with them, I learned last night from my depressed Florida friend who is a look ways yammering on about how uncaring I was, Not from anything I did SeeContinue reading “Take you cell with you”

Gosh darn tiny

Much to late for whinny, After pouring to copy cat aleve and four not real aspirins into the cup of my hand, I open palm as they all slip grom my hand, I say,No,No really loud, My firfamily just roll their eyes, Not carrying, I ‘m sure happy in the fact it wasn’t something IContinue reading “Gosh darn tiny”


Of a commodity, My product books, Old and new, Gendra:Pagan,Magic,dragons,history,educational,english,poetry,knights,. .fantasy,mystery,women writers, Everything done is like the field of dreams, Do it well, Have Outstanding product, Treat all fairly, Return business is like, Word of mouth advertising, Don’t under cut yourself, Business involve hard work and dedication, If you have books to sell send themContinue reading “Sellers”

Gas is,

Higher then ever in my life time, $479.9, Milk costs neat that, A dozen eggs $260, Where are the jobs those of us who want to work from home can do? I’m as good a shot and driver, In a cross walk with my ten speed, I shake because of a 93 year old retiredContinue reading “Gas is,”

Remember that song

Wonder if all grade schools of my era sang same, Era thats a weird old sounding sounding name, Did i say sounding twice? Was my i small? Some have weirdness like that in all the time, I have always been like Aunti Mame, Not Lucy’s Mame Rossilin Russell Mame, Only if your a Queen likeContinue reading “Remember that song”

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