Order online or making due

If you have time Its easy pissy Not brain surgery Balderdash Just spent forty minutes looking for Apples, no not laptop No not cell Apples.with crunch No their wasn’t busses to check Apples,apples real,fresh with bite Walmart will not sell anything fresh Hello I’m Val’s Rural food delivery I would be with a financial partnerContinue reading “Order online or making due”


Why is it presumed you are destined to remain stationary? Two to three places I’d love to live none are in Iowa. Upon bleak moments that I seek employment I NEVER place 52161! Do not care to live or die here so here I am without family their choice. Goodnight sleep well Rise rested andContinue reading “Residence”


Black satin Soft curve Black dress Slit on outside ride leg back Well turned leg Thigh A fighter Strong breast Low back Dips tantalizing exposing good view of buttox In Low cut front black dress clear material inch width from left shoulder strap Exposing hard Errect Surface By chair of third duece by window standsContinue reading “Hush”

When stars alite the heavens…

She smiles Clothes she wears arouse me Eyes black as coal Her touch Mind to mind Sultry When I touch her calf Finger upon her lips She kisses my palm of my hand I look up Stars fill the heaven Within my heart I know shes gone Her kiss is still on my lips. UponContinue reading “When stars alite the heavens…”

Why do friends ….

Why their gay sons living in Vegas and Saint Paul is ok Those friends I mention I hate no community in small town Iowa I’m told make friends I live in low income At sixty one I’m youngest here Only Dyke Why do friends not see Lonliness sucks Love WordPress great community Not same asContinue reading “Why do friends ….”