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Nerves so close they reach out and touch the surface, That’s where varicose veins are, The elevators have stopped operating, Bad blood needs elevation to climb to spleen, Spleen purifies blood, The spleen is like the coach, The coach gives the clean blood its mission for the day, But if that blood is sent backContinue reading “Legs”


For me is determined by being happy, I just was reclining with two kittens and a main coon, I was beyond pleased, Tomorrow my happiness increases, Money isn’t the means to my happiness, A baby was found Little orange boy, My heart always has room, So same cold out, Nother stretch of cold heading forContinue reading “Wealth”

Jolly holidays

Aren’t holidays to be jolly, Aren’t friends to come by and say howdy? I miss WordPress that didn’t fight me when I wrote, I miss hitting the next line thing and going down, With this unsmart phone I nearly break my writing finger off before the next paragraph starts, I have a Brothers typewriter, ButContinue reading “Jolly holidays”

When words cut

The sword the users tongue, The one harmed, Why are we always the ones to express feelings, The word sword weapon brought to crush us we did not wield, Why is it we always feel we need to forgive the one who carelessly injured us? My friend Judy after asking why my friend could notContinue reading “When words cut”

Consumed heart

Is it better to forge friendships, Is loneliness branded upon your heart at birth, Is passion a fire within that blows out? Is happiness a touch of her thigh? The delight of the chase, The surge of the victory reached at climax, One heart beat, Two heart beats, Three then death, Or are we likeContinue reading “Consumed heart”


That’s me today, February day and not yet Thanksgiving, Wonder what we will feel or expect on March, Going to go sit and use WIFI, Along country road, Need good job so can pay off two crappy ass US Celluar phones, Go to T-Mobile with a decent phone and get the things that are notContinue reading “Glum”

February Cold in November

Northern Iowa is not prepared for extreme cold three months early, Last December we experienced such warmth we had a tornado on the eighteenth, A historic winter tornado! Not normal anymore then extreme cold in November, More snow then Iowa has received in November in years, Global Warming! Global Warming has consequences!

Wheezing with my youngest cat,

Its still seventy-one in my mobile home, Weird things people name stuff, Mobile was something that hung from the ceiling, Cause it moved, A mobile home one would expect wheels that propelled something forward, In Iowa its illegal for a mobile home to have wheels, So if something is removed then its name should changeContinue reading “Wheezing with my youngest cat,”


Church and state, Iowa and everywhere, No longer allowed, Use church halls for homeless to sleep out of the winter cold, Come inside, Frostbit every where, Now go to emergency wards, Say they are going to kill themselves, Just fir a bed for the night, Take beds few that they are for real crazies, BetterContinue reading “Churches”

I hate holidays

I hate holidays, They’re filled with memories and minutes that are empty, They’re not exciting, All those you love are dead, They are lonely holes, Holes were once was laughter, They consume nothing, The only joy I can’t remember I spent in northern Wisconsin, Shutting my eyes won’t get me there, Your imagination folly, IContinue reading “I hate holidays”