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Sock it to me!

No place like home, No where to roam, Cool in the morning, Drivers in northern Iowa take warning, Like old London soup, For nonhistorian’s early London pollution created thick fog, If you heard the expression thick as London soup, Its a reference to the thick for of Industrious age the eighteen hundreds in England, LondonContinue reading “Sock it to me!”

Burr September eighth

Had left four fans on, Turned off one in back, Black remained on counter, Its sixty now, Walnuts are yellowing, Seventh large group of geese flew over yesterday afternoon, Low enough to hear, But then sound travels further, One goose was criticizing the pilot, Sherman I’m sure you took a wrong turn! The pilot aContinue reading “Burr September eighth”

Fall is in the air

Last week temps were chilly at night, Not October chilly, Not none chill of February, But still not normal August chill, The Sumac and Prairie grass color scheme is yellowed or rusty, That will be ok by me, I’m through that damn unnatural heat, This is most Electric bill I ever pain, Turn off theContinue reading “Fall is in the air”

It was an old song

It went like this, Sitting on the end of the Bay, It’s not my song but it was a good one, Buy it a song at 5:14 a.m. see in the dark on my porch it might be ‘Sitting in the dark!’ I had everything ready bags in front of me got dressed, Left myContinue reading “It was an old song”

Crock or not

When its cool is best, Never crock with no pot, Don’t in a tube, In a metal tube, In Iowa’s heat, Office tree, Thaw kitchen chicken or not, Your metal home becomes extremely warm, Your face , your cheeks, grow hot, It’s entire week the weather in promised 70s, I think he thought I wasContinue reading “Crock or not”


Hello in one of my favorite movies, A romance with David Ducupnee, I know his last name is just spelt like it sounds to me, But this is ‘My’ feeling I’m sharing, A neighbor comes to doggie sit, The young man told David he looked, Tall! Referring to how great David appeared, Well! Hummmm mmm!Continue reading “N.I.C.E,nice!”


Heat, Heet, Irritable, Time of month, One is what is placed in car in winter, One makes an entire house hold edgy, See we are all walking on egg shells, I recal having craps and being ajuatated , Time that feeling by four, Cats same as humans, So annoying, Sadie makes me swear, Always underContinue reading “Heat”

Kitten no longer Pings

Slowly but surely, Getting better, Been sucking on vitamin C, Feeding her C enriched spit, Also once a day giving her vitamin E, Not capsule I bite it and squirt it in her mouth , Also a pumkin seed oil on her coat, I can only do what I can just now, Shes being aContinue reading “Kitten no longer Pings”

Colder today then yesterday

The fire that is life, Well I have closed all windows but one, Feels like snow in northern Iowa, Forty-nine and wet, Fishing weather of my youth, Now if gas were affordable driving down roads less traveled, I didn’t close the back room because the window is a bitch to open, Last night when theContinue reading “Colder today then yesterday”

June creeps nearer

Fifty-two degrees northern Iowa, Five forty-nine p.m. Cold afternoon, Puts me in mind of June ninety-five, Black Hills Mount Rushmore Keystone S.D., Rained every afternoon, New employee building seasonals and fulltimers who lived on the mountain, Mount Rushmore is a year round concession, No fun all that month, Days off get sick wandering around orContinue reading “June creeps nearer”