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February Cold in November

Northern Iowa is not prepared for extreme cold three months early, Last December we experienced such warmth we had a tornado on the eighteenth, A historic winter tornado! Not normal anymore then extreme cold in November, More snow then Iowa has received in November in years, Global Warming! Global Warming has consequences!

Down eight

Three -three yesterday’s high, Packers play Cowboys today, Hate to hope for a win, Not chance in playoffs now I think, Twenty-five high now, November 13th,2022, Imagine that’s all spelt, We only the Green Bay Packers players and fans stand a chance if to damn cold for Cowboys to handle the ball.

Pretty good day

Something thought lost wasn’t, Person alive and well, Hates her work because no heat is to cold depressing to survive, Electric heat all money feeds electric company like to unhealthy habit! Only thing friend has for heat is car, Government will not assist because she appears to do well, Fifteen dollars an hour, No breaksContinue reading “Pretty good day”

Warm feet

Warmer when my feet are warm, A blanket count three, a banana, A cat on my lap, A hoody on my head, And a hot cup of tea, But of my feet are cold I shiver, I might yell, Warm, Then quiet, With cat, No drugs needed, In less then fifteen minutes I will fallContinue reading “Warm feet”

Hottest two days in October ever in history in Northern Iowa

Today’s supposed to be 86° yesterday was 84, 2 years ago and 220 we had snow, I’m 80 miles from my home in Northern Iowa and there to have their ’80s also, How freaky is that!


Church and state, Iowa and everywhere, No longer allowed, Use church halls for homeless to sleep out of the winter cold, Come inside, Frostbit every where, Now go to emergency wards, Say they are going to kill themselves, Just fir a bed for the night, Take beds few that they are for real crazies, BetterContinue reading “Churches”

New furnace

Hope cheaper to use, Never used heat so earlier, Wonder if goverment knew ot would be so cold so soon, This is first year goverment paid for our heat before December, Use to be December,January and Feb, Last year they also paid for March, Its wierd goverment cares those of us who live in aContinue reading “New furnace”

Oh baby its cold outside

Inside out metal tube, In the yard, In the walls, The kitties and me, But the new furnace sure looks grand, The guy set it to seventy, I can not get it off seventy, I never used a furnace at seventy, To warm for me, Unless I’m sitting infront of a roaring fire,

Time to take cover

Will creep into thirties tonight, Still not October, Got to see what cardboard I can find, Mobile homes without insulation, Are like the dumbest pugs house made of straw, Air cold passes right on in, Cardboard helps, Helps stop it entering, Huge front window, If not covered air comes in, Shoots right down hall, LikeContinue reading “Time to take cover”