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Three electric blankets, Two for cat family one for human that loves them, February cold, Northern Iowan no furnace Blizzard, Yesterday old electric blanked failed, Electric space heaters old Victorian, Penny the human mom gives up only heat she has so her cats won’t freeze, My adopted sister is a hero..

Oh joy

Four days the christmas, December 21,2022, Two below zero, Four kitties and me trying not to freeze, Sure sucks I got to rise to go p, The furnace stops then starts, Refurbish mobile home means nothing to seller, No insulation,no storm windows on two windows no storm door on back an no other door toContinue reading “Oh joy”


Memory, We all have them, Triggers are in a way tells, When its cold, I recall my room at the folks house, No heat nor insulation tons of blankets, No bathroom, When young you went down the vertical steps, After being struck i n two o eight by a car, I crawled up the steps,Continue reading “Triggers”


If you are under the illusion Iowa’s unnatural cold is normal allow me to in lighten you. It was so cold this week froze solid a pail of water. What we are experiencing now is February weather. I filled the bucket unbeknown to me had a major crack in the bottom. So not planning toContinue reading “Bucket,bucket,”

Just talking to Chester

He hung last night, Front of the house, Where ever you live its your home, Top of the trees behind my mobile home stand several trees, With fifty mile an hour winds they bend to and fro, First time squirrel builders who build to far on a limb homes are swept away, There’s a reasonContinue reading “Just talking to Chester”

Next week past forty

Irrational, Irksome, Terrible cold, Like magic next week next to fifty degrees, Time warp! Tarsus, No,no , I’ll stick with irrational, First of December temperatures, Plummith once more, Some wizard is playing with the temperature, If they it is irrationally warm up north what is it in the tropics? Having Verizon I have no wayContinue reading “Next week past forty”