Not Flon, Phlem pussie crap thats snot good, Huge bunch of crap in back of throat, This morning as my orange kitten watched me drink milk and make me feel sorry for her, Found myself lecturing how bad milk was for her , But I paid for it I’m going to drink, Knowing the toneContinue reading “Phlem”

Last year twenty-one

Those of us poor souls, Users of natural gas, Heating oil, In off season, Months with non use of fuel, The shisters Alliant Energy is, For non use they who got millions to put up wind turbines, Them or those, Charge us who had no choice for heat, Twenty-one dollars per month, Until once againContinue reading “Last year twenty-one”

Down 2

Zoomed up 2, Ninety-six said gelt like ninety -eight, Now down 2, Ninety still 2 damn hot , Mom would say H-E-double toothpicks, Why because my sweet, Fun, Extraordinary mom and best friend never swore, She spent last year’s of her life a prisoner of a bully, Her body in ashes kept from where sheContinue reading “Down 2”

Sixth of May twenty twenty-two

Things not good, If you want eggs and potatoes, But get neither times are hard Kwik Star gas with Ethenol still $4.09.9; so Input in a ten spot, Eggs are $2.99/dozen Two dozen over four dollars, Fourteen enchiladas last month was $6.88 now they $14.00, My thirty-one dollars for food went fast. Found lawn mowerContinue reading “Sixth of May twenty twenty-two”


So cold this spring, Northern Iowa sit and freeze day in, Day after day, Ten pm I go and sit bundled up, Electric stove on, About one am a friend calls to tell me of her woe, She wonders how long I will be up, She who is depressed, Slept most of day, I’m theContinue reading “Fifty-five”

Up North,

Turned heat to fifty, Wa windy blustery day Sunday April 10,2022, Nightfall found me and girls warm, Hot out, Hot absorbed by mobile home, Hot in, Awake to chilly spring day, Feels like early morning Sawyer County, Before cook stove and fire place are lit, Tough leaving warm bed, Tough like when she lat there,Continue reading “Up North,”

Yesterday’s lips,

Without a lone crow cawed, Unseen yet present, Room within, Cold as fresh fallen snow, Crisp lackless, Vacant warmth, Hint of cherry incense consumed the air, Speck of lip gloss upon her collar, Heart silent, No entryway visible, Still, Darken room, Corpse where she fell, Ashen color, Fire still roared, Cat curled in her stillContinue reading “Yesterday’s lips,”

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