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Meat from Omah

Food bank one meat a week Two thousand nineteen Christmas Stripped of family Lies christian cut deep mother and sister bleed out Instead of a winter coat this my last winter I opt out Buying meat for my fridgerator Comes today Gave mom near one hundred dollars Omaha meat for her birthday Does she stillContinue reading “Meat from Omah”


Standing on the dock

When deeply hurt Beyond said I step back Travel through time and space August 1978 In Sawyer County I’m nineteen on leave after graduating US Army Boot Camp First woman in my family The lake was home Eight miles from Lorreta,Wisconsin Cub Lake is a lake with land on Chippewa Flowage through woods to BearContinue reading “Standing on the dock”

Favorite part of TV shows of my youth

Last song and tugging an ear Carol Burnett Abby working puzzled,and Mark Hammin smiling,Ziva everything NCIS Andy Griffith singing and opening credits Andy Griffith Tom Sellect breaking into places Magnum P.I. Doris Day and Mary Tyler Moore opening Credits Gay bits occationally brought on to TV shows when they the shows were dying. The episodeContinue reading “Favorite part of TV shows of my youth”

One voice

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