Blizzard’s comming

For all planning to travel Across the river and through the woods Yada yada I will be here Book and me filming the blizzard Missing family Missing Ellen Beth my kid sisters bean casserole Minnesota northern Val’s calling The way I travel from point one to point two I visualize Figure meeting my business andContinue reading “Blizzard’s comming”

A little sass and a wiggle

Yes maam! Last week I saw a man and his girlfriend We will call JB1 and JB2 Both dressed in same jeans Both thought wallets must attach with chain Both walked the same JB1 had cleevage This wolf lover of women Love intellect Love carrage Love sexy calfs Wiggle less important then Intellect and sassContinue reading “A little sass and a wiggle”

Deep pain

Often wondered do others Think! When people send no card Call to hear a voice Do they wonder as I do Were those feelings, gatherings real I was there, I felt Gave of myself asked for nothing in return but to be inclued in your life Still no one cared last year when my favoriteContinue reading “Deep pain”


Only once got handmedowns from Dan and Craig Mathis, Waukon Iowa I gave them love Like their mom None came forward and defended Aunt Val from Lies Judy Waits,Adopted family hands me down kitchen stuff when she gets new My half suster Duana Lee Dudley Granbury Texas Raped me of my good name Once gaveContinue reading “Handmedowns!”

Smells I will always recall

My grandad’s wore Old Spice Nana’s bathroom/dressingroom off her den Inside Nan’s Violin and accordian case Quilt made for me when I was 2 from grandma Agnes Kleeman Heike who died when I was two Mary Florence Jean Ryan Fitzgerald’s kitchen,Saturday morning when she baked bread Grandma Ferrings house Saint Pat’s Convent kitchen Rectry’s kitchenContinue reading “Smells I will always recall”

Smells I will never forget

Nana’s dressing room off her den The old Spice of my grand dads Alquavelva my dad wore Florence Fitzgeralds kitchen come Saturday morning when her bread making filled thw house Convent at Saint Patricks catholic church Waukon,Iowa Room after love making Mom, my best friend taken so older half sister could bully and financially rapeContinue reading “Smells I will never forget”

Why do no one get its a thing

I’m a writer its a thing! Diary and journal writer since eleven Wrote and poet since 1985 Published When I seek employment I seek my skills Not a nurse Not a truck driver Great with all animals I write and read Its a thing No one heard of the play write Shakespear until he wroteContinue reading “Why do no one get its a thing”

Cheers its a?

Bear missing those I loved at Family gatherings for One mom, one dog named ‘Boomer’ Boomer when a pup Race across Amish yard Jump like glide into my old caddie Got my god son to give him a home Then Ellen my only blood sister got him I leaped for joy in my heart EllenContinue reading “Cheers its a?”

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