More wind, Ok leaves roll, Underbellies are seen, Air heavy, Thirteenth day in northern Iowa over ninety, August second, What the hell, No air in I’m northern Iowa, Bet Whitehouse has gas and electric, Bet they have Solar Too funny the white house doesn’t own their land, White House land is own by people pikeContinue reading “Quickie”


What a load of crap, My folks knew people planned to retire, Did, Died! They had worked their asses off! Retired, Died, I know people retirement age, Work at Walmart, Seems only Walmart sees their worth, We do have worth! People normal people can’t, Can’t afford living, Eating, Social securities not a livelihood, Why shouldContinue reading “Retire”

A splendid day

Flew away, Yesterday, Just me and a friend, Have you ever been so blessed, Someone you have just known a month, Stirring of life long friendship, In reality it has only started, Brief, Meeting, Brisk steadfast feeling, Nice to have a real little sister, Someone who values me as a friend, Because we are, WhatContinue reading “A splendid day”

Late riser

Seven twenty six, I was zonked, Up at two thirty, Howly cat, I was hungry, Black too, So I made microwave popcorn, I fon’t buy it food bank gives it out, As I was watching a new Time-Team a dude was advertising a thing, Studious thing I ever heard, Good enough for a morning video,Continue reading “Late riser”

Funny not!

People who know me see me as gullable because I trust people aren’t all evil, What’s wrong with that? I have been scared, I trust less, Really only non two legged mostly, They have never let me down, Never broke my their word, I trust when they are cross, They hear my anguish, They alwaysContinue reading “Funny not!”

Cats wait

In your wake, When you don a coat, Sit up high, Leer out upon me resting, On the porch, In a chair, They watch me, The clock strikes three bells, Witching hour is , When I open the door they they all R, Watching, Listening, Following, I’m not their focal point, They think more foodContinue reading “Cats wait”

Missing Momma

White calico, Old trailer crappy screen, Major hole, Lady half in, Half out, Like a mad woman screaming with my voice, Momma Molly, Momma Molly, Not a clue did I loose her? Where will she find safety?M Momma kitty, Momma Molly, Please come, Pete thinks she’s busy having her babies! I’m worried.shes outside with noContinue reading “Missing Momma”


Glam, Fixed up, Changed, Morals matter, How animals are treated matter, Saw a TikTok yesterday pointing out the inhuman treating babylambs all for the goddamn Fucking keching! pound,dollar , yen,lira, Severing baby lambs tails {{mot goving the sentient animal Anything for the pain!!!???????!!!!! Leaving open Wounds that flies lay theitlt babies in !!?? What kindContinue reading “Glamor”

Battery pack

Survivalist, Is that not what and who we really are, Like Buzzlight year to infinity and beyond, This battery pack $1500, Small fortune wish I had it, My mobile home would be ‘Solar,’ I would not be at the mercy of Alliant Energy Ever again, I get charge monthly use it or not oil $20,Continue reading “Battery pack”

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