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Verizon’s first

First smartphone dumb as dirt, Every time I return home have to rest WIFI and Bluetooth and still get Nothing! Night before last night I got for three minutes five lines it remember it was in Quasqueton Iowa and went back to Nothing! I grew up with phones on the table, Phones on the wall,Continue reading “Verizon’s first”


Kitty cat organic smoothie

Get yourself a pumpkin, Cut it open, The night before stew chicken, Eat the chicken, Keep the broth, In a blender, Puree the raw seeds, Place a forth of the cup of oil in, Blend more, Add chicken broth, Puree again, It becomes frothy, Kitties love it, Even outside kitties ate rest,

Pretty good day

Something thought lost wasn’t, Person alive and well, Hates her work because no heat is to cold depressing to survive, Electric heat all money feeds electric company like to unhealthy habit! Only thing friend has for heat is car, Government will not assist because she appears to do well, Fifteen dollars an hour, No breaksContinue reading “Pretty good day”

I got Eggs!

My kid sister would say! Sounds like a personnel problem, The internal struggle within, Crying for her vs. screaming at a naughty cat vanishes, Eggs a dozen if the little gems better then a chocolate bar could not give away from F. Bank, Wanted a beer not more crappy pain killer that are slowly killingContinue reading “I got Eggs!”

Fast salesman

Sales are the speed race, Customers are important, You take your time with them you talk to them respectfully, You’re not in a hurry to get them out the door, I was just in Goodwill in Independence Iowa and the cashier was a Speed Racer talking anyway, Never talk politics with a client anywhere orContinue reading “Fast salesman”

Understanding ‘No’

The problem with today, No one understands ‘No’, No is right up there with ‘Now’, Not tomorrow, Not next administration, ‘Now!’ We need better roads, But more then that we Need,Now global warming stopped!’ Those that came before contributed, Like a fire we stoked it, Now Baby she global warming is ablazing blazing! Yesterday warmestContinue reading “Understanding ‘No’”


Never, Never Ever, Never Ever Delete, Never Ever Delete your gmail account, All, I mean All your photos Because Goggle believe they own All your precious photos Vanish! Your mom and sister and dad, First you are savages by time, Illness, What not! Then F””led Up by Goggle! My photos were always mine, Your photosContinue reading “GD”

Warm feet

Warmer when my feet are warm, A blanket count three, a banana, A cat on my lap, A hoody on my head, And a hot cup of tea, But of my feet are cold I shiver, I might yell, Warm, Then quiet, With cat, No drugs needed, In less then fifteen minutes I will fallContinue reading “Warm feet”

To much

I hate to say this but in my day, Commercials advertising were not smutty, Smoking and liquor commercials were removed, Last night during Roseanne show I saw a commercial that would have never made it on TV when I was a child, The commercial was smut, Its a shower soap, It was worse then J.R.Continue reading “To much”