Chapter 10,Choke by Obert Skye

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End Lancaster County Amish Christmas Suzanne Woods Fisher

Chapter 8b,Out there by Ted Kerasote

We read we sleep!

Chapter 8a,Out there by Ted Kerasote

Wired age! The snoring my cat.

Chapter 7g,Out there by Ted Kerasote

Cotton bug killer horrible on wild life.

Chapter 7e,Out there by Ted Kerasote

Wire age canoing on the Horton in Canada to Artic

Chapter 7d,Out there Ted Kerasote

I smell fish then Len finally says he smells fish.

Chapter 7a,Out there Ted Kerasote

Len raises a Victorian modesty around hearth and heart.

Chapter 6i,Out there by Ted Kerasote

I look down to see the fish.