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If you value them and you have Google remove them from your phone, His if you were ever worry moving email address that’s a gmail they remove all your photos too, Whenever she your photos again, All those precious moments, Memories stolen by Google, Non owners of photos don’t understand of value some of hisContinue reading “Photos”


Never, Never Ever, Never Ever Delete, Never Ever Delete your gmail account, All, I mean All your photos Because Goggle believe they own All your precious photos Vanish! Your mom and sister and dad, First you are savages by time, Illness, What not! Then F””led Up by Goggle! My photos were always mine, Your photosContinue reading “GD”


I hate the camera on my smartphone, When I want to take a shot the assinine thing sees the world as vain, I am not! I know what and who I am, Not seeking a photo of me, Sometimes after I get the camera seeking out my shot gas vanished! Vanity seems to surround someContinue reading “Singularity”


We in Iowa see things in comparison, Like Foap and Shutterfly, Two companies allow you to profit off your photos, Foap runs contest, Youhave to grade other peoples photos, Through grading you earn money not real, Its the fake money that allows photographer to enter Foap’s contest, The contests are add promos, The ad ptomosContinue reading “Difference”