Even without overhead a business is a business

Hello just spent three hours repricing my in boxed product with is books , The plateform I sell on is Pango off Goggle, Some act like it isn’t obvious to them that books are a product, For those people its like they are in a sense pricing to be saintly. They under price those ofContinue reading “Even without overhead a business is a business”


Sale My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/valwhitewolf Give a good deal, Tell one, Tell all, Six books/$6 for $30, Five books/$7 for $30, July 10th,2022 -July 20th at 3am,2022, Witching hour Then like Cinderella snd pumkin and mice, Magic shall descent upon my book prices, Bingo/Bango prices will return ince more toContinue reading “Selling”

The Lusitania

Funny strange, Sometimes equal, Both true, Both wrong, In two twelve my half sister had worked for two years destroying the truth and my family, That accomplish she set out to destroy separate those that held my confidence, She failed, Those I trusted and loved goodness withstood her, So I find the one I thoughtContinue reading “The Lusitania”

Chapter 27,39 clues,Vipers nest by Peter Lerangis

Action adventure game Chapter 17a, https://youtu.be/3WJUKwMV7ZY Chapter 17b, https://youtu.be/BwLP4HpwSco Chapter 18, https://youtu.be/lAl2KLo9CLw Chapter 19a, https://youtu.be/Ed-fYGQMiyQ Chapter 19b, https://youtu.be/XM5W-8LPEzw Chapter 19c, https://youtu.be/cYkcG4Su8gc Chapter 20, https://youtu.be/sgkG8FM_f2k Chapter 21a, https://youtu.be/4DrKFcXW7Gg Chapter 21b, https://youtu.be/e34yI6Y2QWc Chapter 22, https://youtu.be/BImxqHu4nSU Chapter 23, https://youtu.be/db-Gpstohj8 Chapter 24, https://youtu.be/0NZH-RwyRmk Chapter 25, https://youtu.be/WIsfT7ypLns Chapter 26, https://youtu.be/Pm_ePjbVjT4 Chapter 27, https://youtu.be/F1hONvjF7Us

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