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Silly female

I have crappyass verizon phone, She thinks I should sell books on a webinare, Cost just three grand, Reason I sell books on a free app, And have a crappyass verizon phone is have no money, The thing about business and buying is Marslow Hierarchy! What is that Professor? That’s the simple equation is fulfillingContinue reading “Silly female”


McDonald’s Oelwein,Iowa, Finger nail polish has no place in food services, Hats are worn for the fact that in Serve Safe management training it teaches how contaminant ones gain is. Mac Donalds treat management to good to wear a hat that’# stupid and incorrect, Hands need to be watched and washed, No apron should everContinue reading “Oelwein,Iowa,”

Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history, Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery, Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier, Electric driers cause twoContinue reading “Chapter 5, Jolly Holly”


Good natured fun, Darn right silliness, Recalling family who died we in Dachau, A young man in winters northern cold last night missed a signal, No matter how far he goes on his career he will forever be that guy who missed his quarterback rubbing his forearm, At the time Walmart’s camera shot that nuanceContinue reading “Remembered”

Not just a cookie

Nutter Butter, Great cookie, Use to be in a great shape, Reminded me of Circus peanuts, Cookie still good shape changed, From elongated to round, Why the shape sang the cookie name before the taste, Peanut butter the round cookie outside looks peanut shell, The cookie use to be terrific shape to share with youngContinue reading “Not just a cookie”

Just sitting

Gift months ago, Unwrapped more recently, Thought had no tools, All I needed was a screw driver, Had that, Took off old could only screw one side on, Could not screw left side in, So I figured the nice wooden give would not work properly, Its hard to get the correct leverage when not uponContinue reading “Just sitting”

Still waters run deep

Writers we are those still waters, Its like being a medium, I dated one once, Their like you and me special in their differences, People sometimes assume you can’t be a writer infamous, Still why are plummers really plummets they aren’t famous, If doing a thing makes someone that then I’m a writer, I haveContinue reading “Still waters run deep”

Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,

One lies for votes, One lies and call it prediction’s, Snow predicted in Quasqueton never fell here that is! Narcississist family members soil other family members good names just to be the the Belle of the ball, Only the weather person with the science advancing has potential in the long run to be of assistance,Continue reading “Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,”

Morning writers of WordPress

Howdy, Need your opinion I’m reading a book by Victoria Laurie and chapter two is twenty-nine pages long. Sorry but to me just a beginner in fiction that seems really long. Can maybe someone weigh in and give me your opinion, I know I’m the queen of long ass thoughts for a poet but puttingContinue reading “Morning writers of WordPress”

Dinner on plastic

Do you eat on plastic? Do you eat well? Seeking work I can do without crippling pain, See I can’t eat on government plastic if $2.19, Poverty level in Iowa is above $28,000, I never in nearly sixty-five years made that, Went back to chase my degree at fifty, Was struck by a ninety-three yearContinue reading “Dinner on plastic”