Why does it feel not writing letters changing to emails weaken us as a people? Letters like books were real Letters had tecture worth History was hidden as if contained Letters like books not E-books Not emails Leters thoughts spanned time History concealed in women chatting The Amish still write letters Marian D.Bittenher Heike correspondedContinue reading “Tangable”

Don’t believe and do

Don’t believe people fleeing should be force to remain in one country while seeking a better life in another. Do believe Innocent Americans should have access to American legal free before Illigals. Do believe that in America every American should speak and become American to get assistance before they get it like in Norway. DoContinue reading “Don’t believe and do”

Black hole

Morning I was just watching the forming of black holes on a science channle on YouTube I find knowlegde very sexy. Chat this was live with a chat pity chats can not be regulated by Goggle.Warning people about comments fine stops No rude remarks. No monitor caused me to hear from afar fewer stupid peopleContinue reading “Black hole”