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Northern Iowa from

Forty-seven to freezing in breath, Or time seems relative, Fog at four p.m. yesterday afternoon to fence fog now, Ice covered roads, Sever road alert, National weather report, Issued for Oelwein,Iowa a mere thirty-eight miles away, Hugh to be later today thirty-eight eleven down from yesterday, This is Iowa, Winter Baby!

Deer Crossing

Saw not one deer, Going from Quasqueton to Oelwein,Iowa, Not at two p.m, Not at two p.m, At eight-thirty dead of winters night, December twenty-seven saw none, Saw nada! Saw zip deer, All the long ride, Until just in front if edge of cemetery in Quasqueton five large deer crossed in front of me, IContinue reading “Deer Crossing”


Eight on group, Never on Iowa have I ever seen eight deer together, This is farm and murder all life forms found, Also saw one all alone, Alone is normal, Alone is sad, I know that as I rest in my electric chair with baby kitty on my chest under my Pennsylvanian wolf blanket andContinue reading “Heard”


Last Wednesday we in Northern Iowa experienced twenty-three mile and hour winds, New weather advisory makes that appear calm, Twenty-three to thirty mph with sometimes fifty mph winds, Historic for December on Iowa , Imagine the maids being blown away in Mary Poppins, I have to drive eighty moles in that to get food, AndContinue reading “Breezy”


How odd under four dollars now we see as a bargain, Its three thirty mine point nine, Been three fifty eight nine, I still wish it were ninety-nine cents like eggs, Then due to the government building bigger weapons of mass destructions shipping got more expensive then ‘WHAMO!’ Think old Batman TV show, Those sameContinue reading “Gas”


Quasqueton, Iowa, Why? verizon lies! Doesn’t cover all usa!!!!!!!!! It’s as if they verizon see us as Insignificant!!!!!! I have Issue with that! Not even a tractor phone made its customers reset every fricken time they returned home or EVER! The purpose of resetting is to signal the tower that we are here Connect us!Continue reading “Reset,”

One fifteen November day after Thanksgiving,2022

Temperature has reached fourty-five, Still bright and blue, Croopie, Phelmy, Out to my Chevy I go, Stopping to potty, I hate that I have to go sit on the corner, Several people will drive by slow, I will feel like a potential victim of a drive by shooting, Will have to crank my Chevy on,Continue reading “One fifteen November day after Thanksgiving,2022”


Four o nine, No bugle, All in my head, One friend wants coffee, I’m going alone, Why is it when I’m going for me and sharing with Penny Judy gets a PO reference, Judy has Brent, Brent”s Judies husband, They always made more then me, They aren’t one, I told her I’d try, The teaContinue reading “Rising”