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Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,

One lies for votes, One lies and call it prediction’s, Snow predicted in Quasqueton never fell here that is! Narcississist family members soil other family members good names just to be the the Belle of the ball, Only the weather person with the science advancing has potential in the long run to be of assistance,Continue reading “Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,”

Two quake

California, If not for my New York friend, Dorothy who lives in the Bay area, Also thanks to Facebook no local Iowa news thinks it important to discuss, That is of more interest to me then hearing over and over the lie that ‘Grassely’s’ an Iowan farmer, Even his own neighbors are not going toContinue reading “Two quake”

Month of Food Bank Food

Bag of blueberries, Two little bags of butter in small cuppy things, One choice if meat, Carb fudge pop sticks, You can have a gallon of skim crappy milk No eggs, Tube of hamburger and a little roll of hamburger, A roast, And veg I took no old Walmart bread, Got pistachios, Took four grapefruit,aContinue reading “Month of Food Bank Food”

Calm before winter returns

With two trash bags in the pail on my little cart out we ( I and it went with a old given mop standing upside down.) I maneuvered with skill and cunning not once jabbing my head with the old nasty mop. Upon reaching the blue trash can and dump the load in. I stoodContinue reading “Calm before winter returns”