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Airy, Fluffy, Feather, Gong! Why the hell Whatsup, Whatsapp, Why is it better then facebook messenger, All I ever heard of is scammers like it! Why is that the only way people talk? I downloaded then tossed it, If people want to chat, Text! I suck at that too, Poet, Fluff, Feather, Heart, Gone, Hello!

Real Vamps don’t drink O-Neg by Tawny Taylor

Fun romp,mix of love and naughtiness while a secretary falls fir the nan of her dreams while trying ro save her best friend. Really good straight romance.

Like a good neighbor!

That song was just in my heart, We grew up hearing that insurance song, My friend just asked how my kitties got flees, I told her they came in with the neighbor, Celia said how’s that? I said she brought over her dog, What’d she come for? I said to do her laundry, Celia saidContinue reading “Like a good neighbor!”

U get it Right

Alexander Gram Bell got it In order to receive a return message, Link must remain open, Celia in Florida called me three times while I wrote, Kitties in bathroom warmest room without heat, Celia just ask why I can not do my things in Speaker phone, I”m not an entertainer I’m a writer, It’s likeContinue reading “U get it Right”