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Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,

One lies for votes, One lies and call it prediction’s, Snow predicted in Quasqueton never fell here that is! Narcississist family members soil other family members good names just to be the the Belle of the ball, Only the weather person with the science advancing has potential in the long run to be of assistance,Continue reading “Politicians, weathermen and narcississist family members,”

I need an outing

Last an old friend today we’re doing the night, still here This Black is gone although I think he’s still here! Everyone was in by me last night and that was odd, I knew Mr Black for 7 years 7 and 1/2 years to be exact! It was given to me as all the damageContinue reading “I need an outing”


Seems like it feels, Another seven days has past, Sometimes it feels like a year, Some weeks are longer, Memory makes them that way, Funny or sad, Empty or full, To awake with my youngest by my side, In my arms, Starts my day, Happy, Cheerful, Always better than sad,


Brought my black cat to the den to sit with us in his travel kennel last night, It just upset him, So I lugged him back, Made a new bed, Covered him up the cage with a sheet and a bedsheet, His legs are moving, He has no strength in them to stand, His appeititeContinue reading “No,no,NO!”

On the lamm

Last night sure Mr.Black would stay, A big old pillow with flannel pillow case, I placed in the now reformed kitty detention center, Now Mr.Blacks kitty hospital, This morning I found him on the floor, Head in the air, As if saying I called you where were you? I picked him up, Stuck him backContinue reading “On the lamm”

Two days

Tomorrow Blacks leaving the kennel, He needs to wander, He needs to sit upon my lap, I talk to him every now and then, He is fed and warm, He eats well, Thats not enough he needs to know he is loved, Telling him isn’t”t enough, One more thing Mr Black and I want toContinue reading “Two days”

Black’s desire to survive is keen

My oldest cat Mr. Black, Didn’t want to come out of his warm bed tonight, Had some water, Said just want to sleep here, Tomorrow after I change his bed he will rest warm on my lap most of the day, Wish I knew if this were a stroke or did he land wrong?