Chapter 7a,Out there Ted Kerasote

Len raises a Victorian modesty around hearth and heart.

End of Chapter 6,Out there by Ted Kerasote

Out doors world passes through Ted as if he were a screen.

Chapter 6i,Out there by Ted Kerasote

I look down to see the fish.

Chapter 6g,Out there by Ted Kerasote

Wired age

Chapter 6h,Out There by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 6f,Out There Ted Kerasote

Think a bech is a sand bar to land the canoe.

Chapter 6e,Out there in wire age by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 6d,Out There by Ted Kerasote

Elegance for me is Ted Kerasote.

Chapter 6c,Out There by Ted Kerasote

Pee bottle YPB.