Leaps and glides

Hear the blistfull notes, Listen cock your head, Lend me you ear good sir, My head sways to the music, With a cane in one hand, In my heart’s of hearts, Strauss plays upon the floor I glide, Twirling, this way and that across the floor, I glide and in my heart I’m Count OctavianContinue reading “Leaps and glides”

Chapter 8-End,Ted Kerasote,Navigation,

BF,Nonfiction Chapter 8a,Fishing the Char, https://youtu.be/8hgVbjNv_5k Chapter 8b, https://youtu.be/ih1KoacDPiA Chapter 9,Sarcophagus of a cricket, https://youtu.be/LTQpdF6ULHE Chapter 10a, Primrose Ridge, https://youtu.be/i0JehwsLEpM Chapter 10b, https://youtu.be/djftfYdUKW4 Chapter 11a,Holy Bay, https://youtu.be/wpWBCJJwias Chapter 11b, https://youtu.be/lC0LvBtz9Zc Chapter 12a, Alder, https://youtu.be/j6HHTTDEIEg Chapter 12b, https://youtube.com/shorts/PN2PAG1FxLw Chapter 13,Circumnavigating A Dragonfly, https://youtu.be/R1Kud5rI2FE Chapter 14, Home, https://youtu.be/w9yIge3W-Vg Chapter 15, Entelechy, https://youtu.be/jq6eipBz_-A Chapter 16,Bakin Bread, (a) https://youtu.be/aM3wQBltFaQContinue reading “Chapter 8-End,Ted Kerasote,Navigation,”

Chapters 6,7, Navagations by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 6, Hill music, https://youtu.be/6_7WlDNskD4 Chapter 7, Flying 1002, https://youtu.be/ej-LFRo6KDw, https://youtu.be/-THUL3-1ixo

Prologue,A Dance with Dragons by George R.R.Martin

Book 5,A Dance with Dragons

Chapter 1-6,Navagation by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 1, intro https://youtu.be/tjkmsGMn3RI Chapter 2, Fishing Snook Chapter 3(a,b,c) First mountain Chapter 4, (a,b)Sign of the fishes Chapter 5: Beggar https://youtu.be/IT34QP-dz_4


Terrific sounding word, Old as time, Well older then me, Trepadation, consern, Dedication, Medication, Volume, Sound, Cadence of ones thoughts, Viewing Saint Loius Arch, Manifest Destiny, Historic, Georgia here I come, Trepadation, Concentration, Irrigation, Moments spent in her eyes, Her hand envelooed in mine, Time, Spent, Trees, Path, Home, Wink,Wink,

Merl’s door by Ted Kerasote{Links to chapters read on my YouTube channle}

Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/CYijn_wFd-w End of chapter 1, https://youtu.be/Q0Vy7htvWKo Chapter 2a, https://youtu.be/47-x-INHcw4 Chapter 2b, https://youtu.be/6Y7Un5sUuYg Chapter 2c, https://youtu.be/9njEY3aWSow Chapter 2d, https://youtu.be/1LuPEE1UtNE Chapter 2e, https://youtu.be/8KbqogZTjwE Chapter 2f, https://youtu.be/4B8OnLUtfho Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/asYV3ihm0nE Chapter 3c, https://youtu.be/2dHzP0SaTIc Chapter 3d, https://youtu.be/ZAfFx-YXr2M End of chapter 3, https://youtu.be/PgHxH4xOGzk Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/7Xh0MqJVmBU Chapter 4d, https://youtu.be/K1EuzTEh7HA End of chapter 4, https://youtu.be/fFJItnGcMxE Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/0GoWbx1o-bo ChapterContinue reading “Merl’s door by Ted Kerasote{Links to chapters read on my YouTube channle}”

Killers made out of rubber by products!

Virus gave doorway access, Bags once seizing in Iowa as in other states renewed life! Wal-Mart No longer alliws customers own cloth bags! Excuse I think.Cloth rarely kills! We who love mother earth know the harm done by by products of oil! Land,air,mammals all suffer! Global warmer deadly to all! Why is it oil productsContinue reading “Killers made out of rubber by products!”

Chapters;14,End book,Heart of Home by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/ktMc1u0SiWY Chapter 14b, https://youtu.be/9Lmei12ZZ8I Chapter 15a, https://youtu.be/nq-YGKzw52w Chapter 15b, https://youtu.be/sfO0ZtyN8Nc Chapter 15c, https://youtu.be/u6fGZFagO1E Chapter 16a, https://youtu.be/5LRTU7qwGHQ Chapter 16b, https://youtu.be/-gct3qnhWJ0 Chapter 17a, https://youtu.be/rNtVKXGmmOQ Chapter 17b, https://youtu.be/WIdADhaXIZA Chapter 18a, https://youtu.be/rG4hOf2KKtU Chapter 18b, https://youtu.be/sHpu3U9fo5M Chapter 18c, https://youtu.be/iXzYvhUj-vE Chapter 19a, https://youtu.be/o1ZBxAKvE0U Chapter 19b, https://youtu.be/jvcpp4OirPI Chapter 19c, https://youtu.be/C2TEsURA8HA Chapter 19d, https://youtu.be/XH2WAhu28pQ Chapter 19e, https://youtu.be/TV5R5Y3kYOE Chapter 20,https://youtu.be/fzcZIqNq9PE Chapter 21a,Continue reading “Chapters;14,End book,Heart of Home by Ted Kerasote”

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