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Ceiling fell(b)

Daughter’s best friend and boyfriend arrived from Waterloo, Helped like troopers, Penny’s own daughter could not be bothered to come home to help Penny her own blood mom, Her daughter abandoned Penny like her birth mom an Amish girl nearly sixty years ago, That thought made Penny uncontrollable in anguish, At times Penny reminds meContinue reading “Ceiling fell(b)”

Two different women

Loved both, Differently mom never got the heart sickness of loving same sex, There are no mentors if you are a round peg in a square world, Guess my family saw me as retarded because I never dated males, Never dated period until I was forty, Told my older half sister I came out, SheContinue reading “Two different women”


Saw many changes in her life, A hundred and three last birthday hit, An artist admired, An artist loved, Broke her hip, Then family decided her fate, No longer free, Raised a son and a daughter, Lost a husband an a husband, Her daughter in law one of her daughters and good friend, Loved toContinue reading “Laura”

Older cats funny not ha,ha

Older strange data, Not accepting younger mothers, Will bath a baby, Kitten will sleep away from mother in box of cloth shopping bags, Human adopted mom(me)brought kitten back to my room water then up front, Older cats OK with powder puff, Rowdy vocally pissed when young me m seeks her young, More interesting then funny,Continue reading “Older cats funny not ha,ha”

Two best commercials

Second half Packer’s vs Bears game, Samsung, Where parents are celebrating Christmas party, Party is boring, Two young people, Two different apartments, Adjacent must be school chums, Both are standing opposite each other texting, Little girl sends cute boy a photo of himself, Little boy draws a circle around himself, Magic plays apart as doesContinue reading “Two best commercials”

GEICO and Amazon

Two stately commercials during Bears vs. Packers game, GEICO insurance house with to much space, Way to many aunts, Cute and sweet, Amazon son and gift for mom, Gift arrives son scoops gift into gift bag as mom opens door, Both solid touchdowns, Now time to take out trash, Zoom back in just in timeContinue reading “GEICO and Amazon”

Changed temperature predicted

Happy Thanksgiving, Temperature today up to fifty-two from fifty-one, Right now warmer them this time yesterday, Now in Quasqueton,Iowa is thirty-eight degrees, Makes it look funny and sad decorations for Christmas lite in yards, We at the Heike’s meaning mom and I, Never got down nor decorated before Thanksgiving, Nor turned on the lights, NowContinue reading “Changed temperature predicted”

Grape nuts

Last month, Food bank, Independence, Iowa, Get food once a month, Only, The cereal usually crappy and too damn sweet, They had one box of Grape nuts, My moms favorite cold cereal, I took it home, Its my dessert after my butternut squash, Odd and funny not Haha, Cereal only was good eating it withContinue reading “Grape nuts”

November 3rd,

If my mom had survived my elder sisters captivity mom would be ninety-four, Miss mom every day, Many times a day, I miss you out there in Word too when I can’t load, Thank you all for reading this Empath out writer, Oh and it’s fifty-six, Very windy, Smell of rain in the air, AndContinue reading “November 3rd,”

A daughter

Penny’s daughter, Just like all mothers and daughters, Miss her daughter, Daughter to busy for mom, In my head I hear a song from my youth, Cradles and Silver Spoon Little boy grew into manhood, Mom use to say ‘Will she miss me when I’m gone?’ Will you Diana? Was mom’s money and death worthContinue reading “A daughter”