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Next week past forty

Irrational, Irksome, Terrible cold, Like magic next week next to fifty degrees, Time warp! Tarsus, No,no , I’ll stick with irrational, First of December temperatures, Plummith once more, Some wizard is playing with the temperature, If they it is irrationally warm up north what is it in the tropics? Having Verizon I have no wayContinue reading “Next week past forty”

Burr September eighth

Had left four fans on, Turned off one in back, Black remained on counter, Its sixty now, Walnuts are yellowing, Seventh large group of geese flew over yesterday afternoon, Low enough to hear, But then sound travels further, One goose was criticizing the pilot, Sherman I’m sure you took a wrong turn! The pilot aContinue reading “Burr September eighth”

Chapter 9a, young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt


Chapter 6d,Out There by Ted Kerasote

Elegance for me is Ted Kerasote.


Why is it presumed you are destined to remain stationary? Two to three places I’d love to live none are in Iowa. Upon bleak moments that I seek employment I NEVER place 52161! Do not care to live or die here so here I am without family their choice. Goodnight sleep well Rise rested andContinue reading “Residence”