Diary: September 1-16,2021

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Brigadoon or Quasqueton

Funny ones in Scotland, Ones Iowa, But yesterday, Traveling back from Independence,Iowa, The haze pressed down from the heavens, Brigadoonian’s step as if out of a daze, One town mythical One town where this poet writes, Frank Lloyd Wright, House sits seven miles hence, Quasqueton second oldest town, Buchanan County, Brigadoon created by a bargainContinue reading “Brigadoon or Quasqueton”

Second half of May,Diary May Sixteenth to last day,

Diary May Sixteenth,2021, https://youtu.be/SwEGadvRWzE, May Sixteenth – Nineteenth,2021, https://youtube.com/shorts/xzrLG2gGoK8?feature=share, May Nineteenth 2021, May Twentieth 2021: May Twenty-First,2021: https://youtube.com/shorts/Rgg1qF1Cks8?feature=share,/, https://youtube.com/shorts/SQs7vwHTmbk?feature=share, https://youtube.com/shorts/ML3NsoB5y7E?feature=share, May Twenty-Two 2021, https://youtube.com/shorts/zPFS6Rg3Np0?feature=share, May 23,2021, May 24,2021, May 25th,2021: May 26th,2021; May 27th, 2021, May 28th,2021, https://youtube.com/shorts/tJvtA7RutFw?feature=share, https://youtube.com/shorts/o3U00NDWVqc?feature=share, https://youtube.com/shorts/8-D3JE5coew?feature=share, https://youtube.com/shorts/NzQQxN4I434?feature=share, https://youtube.com/shorts/NzQQxN4I434?feature=share, May 29,2021: https://youtu.be/zIJWFk-SWx0,Video if the Cemetary in Quasqueton looks really nice thought youContinue reading “Second half of May,Diary May Sixteenth to last day,”

Out there

For me when I Blogg is like, Writing, Or driving, In order to give my best my emotions have to be full throttle, I don’t do half ass, Dad wasn’t know for alot of keepable expressions, Dad did say do it right first time! I listen to encoragement lectures ever meal, Today I planned toContinue reading “Out there”

Two hundred and eighty-eight dollars

I fricking loath Wal-Mart’s FedEx delivery They wait until dark They leave on edge of top step They never knock Their similar to the old song “Yes we have no bannannas! They don’t care why your getting stuff FedEx isn’t concern what they leave Like big rodants put then squrry away like huge rodents Wal-MartContinue reading “Two hundred and eighty-eight dollars”

+{The Plus sign}YouTuber’s

The plus sign is instead of the camera Where is that intelligent? Why is that convient! Who thought it up? Why not a large X? Click the plus, Bottom of your YouTube page next to pages you subscribed to. Happy All Souls Day!