Adopted families

They don’t get the value you place upon them! If a persons adopted by me I have placed my trust in them. People are oblivious to whats in my heart Seek a love A heart Travel companion Voice a confident Better half In time a home No more seeking fake family Want my family backContinue reading “Adopted families”

Chapter 36c,Storm of Swords by George R.R.Martin

Animinity means little to Bolton!

End, A big little life by Dean Koontz

No mood to call Trixie Franken puppy

End of Chapter 16, A big little life by Dean Koontz

Evidence dogs recall more then what they learn.

Merry Christmas England, Hope University, Wicca and LGBTQ

Forth Christmas alone

Meat from Omah

Food bank one meat a week Two thousand nineteen Christmas Stripped of family Lies christian cut deep mother and sister bleed out Instead of a winter coat this my last winter I opt out Buying meat for my fridgerator Comes today Gave mom near one hundred dollars Omaha meat for her birthday Does she stillContinue reading “Meat from Omah”