Even without overhead a business is a business

Hello just spent three hours repricing my in boxed product with is books , The plateform I sell on is Pango off Goggle, Some act like it isn’t obvious to them that books are a product, For those people its like they are in a sense pricing to be saintly. They under price those ofContinue reading “Even without overhead a business is a business”


Sale My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/valwhitewolf Give a good deal, Tell one, Tell all, Six books/$6 for $30, Five books/$7 for $30, July 10th,2022 -July 20th at 3am,2022, Witching hour Then like Cinderella snd pumkin and mice, Magic shall descent upon my book prices, Bingo/Bango prices will return ince more toContinue reading “Selling”

Charlaine Harris

A amazing fantastic author, Teaching this poet transitioning from historic to fiction writing, I have learned define everything, Make humans real down to purple socks, But only if you envision your vampire a purple sock sort of girl! Picture frames if they play apart in a scene then they are important , Teeth on aContinue reading “Charlaine Harris”

Automated grandchildren

When I was a kid, We had no electric games, We played around the neighborhood, Except for birthday parties we entered No ones home, We had board games, When family came to visit, We went to greet them, Like Elliot from E.T. then dragged the children cousins to our rooms, Sometimes grandma too, My neighbotContinue reading “Automated grandchildren”

Chapter 73b,Jinxed, by Carol Higgens Clark

Chapter 41, https://youtu.be/Dmmhz06iZBs Chapter 42, https://youtu.be/NMbPvdacKuo Chapter 43, https://youtu.be/NMbPvdacKuo Chapter 44, https://youtu.be/iTo6tY_Xk6k Chapter 45, https://youtu.be/lqJfmBG17T0 Chapter 46, https://youtu.be/9eOZ-e9p_5w Chapter 47, https://youtu.be/axyBNRS7nwQ Chapter 48, https://youtu.be/IiW81_6rA8k Chapter 49, https://youtu.be/5J0b3oAPZcw Chapter 50-52a, https://youtu.be/qc3YvUkoEAA Chapter 52b-53a, https://youtu.be/QQ0COCr3kK4 Chapter 52c- 55a, https://youtu.be/MryEte9HUNM Chapter 55b, https://youtu.be/3CPxd1M01Mw Chapter 56 & 57, https://youtu.be/qdL1SamNUW8 Chapter 58a, https://youtu.be/MjHmU25eWuk Chapter 58b, https://youtu.be/DTIqD0WKogM End Chapter 58&59, https://youtu.be/JBkjqevdn4wContinue reading “Chapter 73b,Jinxed, by Carol Higgens Clark”

Chapter 25-40,Jinxed by Carol Higgens Clark

Chapter 25, https://youtu.be/t_sB9sCAKao Chapter 26, https://youtu.be/vE4eBG5solg Chapter 27,28,29,30, https://youtu.be/8JbPhnojPZU Chapter 31,32,33,34, https://youtu.be/8JbPhnojPZU Chapter 35, https://youtu.be/NK4QfC9DiAo Chapter 36, https://youtu.be/KqdQoijiCcY Chapter 37, https://youtu.be/IWA9FhPvzHQ Chapter 38a, https://youtu.be/41QcDXbByzg Chapter 38b, 39,40,

1.End of We’ll meet again by Mary Higgens Clark

Conclussion in two parts.

Chapter 84,85,86,87,88a,We’ll meet again by Mary Higgens Clark

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