Chapter 11,Message in the bottle Nicholas Sparks

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To the moon!

Saturday night use to be mom and me Hate came to our home with lies No one cared We were harrassed Was lied about Lonliness is awake Time on my hands Still no one cares When I was a kid we’d watch Jackie Gleason Ketchup on eggs Lifewas hard Life was painful Life was lonelyContinue reading “To the moon!”

Chapter 33,See me! Nicholas Spark

Chapter 30,See me! Nicholas Sparks


Chapter 28,Bend in the road by Nicholas Sparks


Chapter 27,Bend in the road by Nicholas Sparks


Have you ever wondered?

Was I here before? Did my feet walk upon these stones? Looking out accross Lake Superior Was my heart heavy here Was her voice caressing my ear Did I stand here before Music stir me then too? Tingle as she way! Music Sometimes in time plays near Shadow of a wolf Baying literally atContinue reading “Have you ever wondered?”

Chapter 23,Bend in the road Nicholas Sparks

Everyone knew where they live.