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Over Emphizer

Not like worrier, Mom took pride in being overly concern, I emphasize, Example – ‘Are you sure your done with the canned kitty food you saw fit to drag me to the kitchen for.Its about to go back in the Frid-ger –Ator! Are you Lis-ten-ing to me Mr Black, The frid-ger-rator! All I get inContinue reading “Over Emphizer”


Good hearted,

Strong of heart, Not pure mind you, Not Gullable some think, Just believe good is eternal, Life is learning class, No A’s on giving, Mother nature grades on a curve, That’s my favorite female thing, The curve, Found miss trust and non verbal understanding are equal. I will always be me, Seen as throwaway ableContinue reading “Good hearted,”

Been watching

Stone faced Big Bang Theory years 7-12. One more left, Last year number twelve, So far only laughed out loud twice. As an Empath I feel humor, I feel evil, Sadness, So whats funny! Funnys felt! Its like holding the hand of the one you love met or not. Knowing face to face has NothingContinue reading “Been watching”


Pandora’s box Why is it like a locked box? Why is. This skill not allowed Out? Imagination arts writers define the need! Marslow Hierarchy defines need Writers fulfill need to impliment imagination Why are we not doing all we can to encorage perpetuate imagination? Why are no schools encouraging us who write and imagine NoContinue reading “Imagination”